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Fire and Smoke Detection Solution

  • Version 2.5
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DigitalX Fire and Smoke Detection is a state-of-the-art solution that excels in its applications for forest fire prevention, factories, and industrial areas. The system’s AI-driven algorithms are designed to work with video streams from security cameras, providing real-time monitoring and rapid response capabilities. This is particularly crucial in forest fire prevention where early detection can significantly mitigate the spread of fire and the resulting environmental damage.

  • Commercial Buildings, Factories, etc.
  • Bushfire-Prone Areas


We are ready to support you in achieving optimal security and safety for your facility. Whether it’s a forest, a warehouse, or any other high-risk area, our system is designed to provide real-time, accurate fire and smoke detection to protect your assets and ensure peace of mind.

Delivering High Performance

Centralized Management

Real-Time Monitoring

Advanced Recognition Algorithms

High Flexibility

Easy Integration

High Data Security

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