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eXtensible Audio, Video Live Streaming Solution (XVTS)

  • Version 3.15
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- Using its built-in camera, microphone, speakers, and GPS receiver, your compatible smartphone can broadcast live video, two-way audio, and GPS location from any location
- Monitor streaming devices connected to your network using our DGX-VTS-BOX
- Any distant location can view the visual perspective of employees in the field in real time using DGX-VTS-BOX
- Track numerous employees' locations using GPS on smart phones using VTS GO App

  • DGX-VTS-MCU: Video Transmission System MCU
  • DGX-VTS-BOX: Video Transmission Box
  • VTS GO: App for mobile devices


The XVTS offers field workers like police officers, firefighters, security guards, and others with outstanding features:

Smart Phone Streaming

Two Way Communication

GPS Tracking

Front & Rear Camera

Video Compression

Selective Recording

Intelligent Bandwidth Optimization

Military Level Encryption

Smart & Secure Authentication